Scholarship Tips and Tricks

It is estimated that more than half of available scholarships go unapplied for. Many students think that scholarships are taxing, require an impeccable writing ability, and take way too much time. But that simply isn’t true!

There are so many scholarships available to you– right now– no matter your race, time frame, writing ability, GPA, or ACT score. Some scholarships are as easy as creating a prom dress out of duct tape or professing your love for Dr. Pepper.

(Check out some no-essay scholarships like these HERE.)

If you are applying for a scholarship and it seems too good to be true, or it asks for payment or unnecessary personal information, DO NOT TRUST IT.

But other than that, many scholarships will dish out free money to anyone willing to apply for them! And they are very reputable, despite how “easy” they seem.

In order to save time when applying for scholarship, consider these helpful tips:

  1. Start searching for scholarships as soon as possible. If you wait until May of your senior year to start looking for scholarships or financial aid options, you’ll end up missing half of the deadlines. You should also continue searching for scholarships after you are enrolled in college, because most of them will still be available to anyone going to school or looking at going to school PERIOD.
  2. Check out scholarship matching websites and search engines. Answer all of the optional questions on those websites to see scholarships matched as best as possible to you.
  3. Look constantly for local scholarships in your counseling office, local library, and social media feed. The more diligent you are about finding scholarships, the more likely you are to run into something that no one else is going to apply for. And if you can find one of those, you’re guaranteed to win it.
  4. Don’t give up when applying for scholarships takes a long time. At the end of the day, if you’ve spent 8 hours looking and applying for scholarships and you can end up getting $2,000 out of just ONE of them, isn’t that worth it? (If you’re still on the fence, just think: You made $250/hour.) All that work isn’t really for nothing, am I right?
  5. Check and re-check your deadlines!!! Be crazy about checking your deadlines so that you don’t miss them!!!
  6. Try to be as creative and different as possible. Make yourself stand out in anything you write, say, or create for a scholarship application.
  7. Look for University-specific scholarships, since you will have a better chance at winning a scholarship to a school you’ve already been accepted to.
  8. Talk to your counselors. They know the latest and greatest information about scholarships and they are here to help you!
  9. Be realistic about your talents. But if you think you may have a shot at getting money to play an instrument or sport in college, try it out! It NEVER hurts to try. (By the way, what are my chances of getting a sports scholarship? >> CLICK HERE.)
  10. Don’t give up! Make goals for yourself (ex. applying for 2 scholarships a week) and stick to them, understanding that you won’t win EVERY scholarship you apply for.